Karen’s loft is truly inspiring. The event will probably take place over two nights. It'll be described as a bash of summertime produce and french cooking–together we are going to make and fashion with locally-sourced produce. The course can include camera purpose (SLR required/suggested), use of light, food design and propping, impression evaluation and critique. http://www.latartinegourmande.com/2014/07/02/food-styling-photography-workshop-sunday-suppers-2/

With Purple

The tartlets must be built in the last second after the crusts are prebaked. http://www.latartinegourmande.com/2014/05/09/gluten-free-strawberry-tartlets/

In May we celebrate

Place is limited to 10 people. Payment: $1995.00 – airfare isn't included Deposit: $1000.00 – due when invest class is validated Final Repayment of $995.00 August 15, 2014, due Airfare is not included. To find out more about that workshop (as well as the daytoday routine), check out Ace Ideologies. Registration starts on Monday May 19th 10 AM PST. http://www.latartinegourmande.com/2014/05/17/food-styling-and-photography-workshop-in-baja-california-mexico/

Food Styling and Photography Course in Baja California, Mexico

In case you inquired, the recipes were extracted from my current cookbook, and a few are from your fresh upcoming one! Wishing an incredibly happy birthday to my love, P., and also the finest promoter of could work. http://www.latartinegourmande.com/2014/05/19/in-may-we-celebrate/