THIS week: the USA economy and career results, corporate borrowing and what to expect in the Alibaba IPO

Big problems for small places

Normal hours are larger in Anglo Saxon places than in additional advanced economies (view graph). A piece of Brits and Americans works over-65 hours a week. If you should be currently working the discussion moves, it's inevitable that working time may spillover into evenings and weekends. ; A new paper, however, believes that prolonged operating hours have regarding it. In some regressions, they present that just a modest part of the substantial likelihood of function during unsociable hours is because of Americans’ lengthy workweeks.  what exactly describes Americans’ propensity to work on bizarre times?

Hiding in simple look

within the last few five decades GDP per-capita within the little states has shrunk by 2.3%. Some minor countries did effectively: the Marshall Countries has seen per capita progress of 8%.

A plea for more information

Some nations offer a lot more than others (view chart*).  Statisticians usually disregard the fiscal effect of volunteering. Because no financial exchange takes place, it is not captured by GDP research. Mr annoys...