and less of those iconic older landmarks like an Empire State Building or Statue of Liberty, 2) while downtown LA is certainly a factor, Los Angeles as a city is more widespread, less tightly packed in a downtown area than New York is with downtown Manhattan, and 3) there are suburbs (Beverly Hills, Malibu, etc.) that are just as iconic as the city itself. You can't really say the same thing about New York, where each of the five Burroughs, while unique, are all still considered part of "New York City" proper. I think it's good that we're getting some West Coast kind of stories. Some of the best American movies (most notably Chinatown) are ones that emphasize Los Angeles and the surrounding areas almost like a character within the film. The three films you mentioned do a great job of that as well, particularly in showing the city in a contemporary light and what that means for the city.

Two guys are watching and reviewing 'Grown Ups 2' every Monday each week for a yearTwo guys are watching and reviewing 'Grown Ups 2' every Monday each week for a year

  (2 children) He likes to make movies, and he likes to be with his friends, and he likes to visit exotic locations, and he likes to get paid lots of money. If people paid you tons of money to go to a vacation spot and hang out with friends and family, while occasionally taking a break to go do something you love, with people you think are funny and fun to be around, all while increasing the visibility of said people you care about/vacation spots/crappy family restaurants, wouldn't you do it? Yeah the movies are fucking awful, but the guy doesn't care, he just wants to go on vacations with his friends and family and occasionally step in front of a camera to say something he thinks is funny but isn't, and they pay him millions! It's a dream! I mean he'll occasionally do a movie he thinks has potential with somebody like Reitman or PTA or Appatow, but for the most part, he's just in it to have fun.   (12 children) A lot of people talk about the 'makes movies to keep his buddies employed' angle and I'm sure that is a factor but the bigger picture is that he has a very finely tuned, well-oiled production house that is capable of making reliable, attractively budgeted products(read: green-lit) that are stable, predictable and profitable enough(overall, even when there are stinkers, the hits more than make up for those) to keep going, and that will provide a platform for a host of marketable names where applicable.

First official image of Tom Hiddleston in Guillermo del Toro's new horror film Crimson PeakFirst official image of Tom Hiddleston in Guillermo del Toro's new horror film Crimson Peak

Charlie Hunnam plays Christian Grey jk the Doctor. good director, high dollar cast, WHAT COULD GO WRONG?

rewatching The Two Towers, Helm's Deep must be Peter Jackson's masterpiece battle

2. Check to see if your favorite film of last week has been posted already. 3. Please post your favorite film of last week.

What was the best film you saw this week? (12/29/14 - 1/4/15)

by corruptrevolutionary Pelinor always felt to big for its own good Helms deep has everything. Dark Atmosphere. Desperate defense. Awesome fortress. I love seeing the women and children in the caves and the young men being pulled out to fight. The Uruks-hai were truly terrifying. Their armor was perfect and you know these killing machines would cut down everything and have a gruesome feast after It's my favorite battle to watch and the best in all 6 middle earth films