51027357 File: EpIVaderShadowPoster-SWE.jpg (904 KB, 1036x1532) Alright I'll be usually the one to say this. The Phantom Menace Trailer was far more thrilling. Unknown 11/30/14(Sunlight)02:00:12 No. 51027357 https://www.youtube.com/view?v=I6h OlI9cg4o Only because we waited for so bloody lengthy and the hype is anything you young people will never encounter. http://boards.4chan.org/tv/thread/51027357#51027357

Am I the only real brotha who's disappointed about that? Exactly why is he a storm trooper and not an actual hero? >> http://boards.4chan.org/tv/thread/51027275#51027275

Thoughts on this movie?

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Where am I able to view or torrent Season 2 of Agents of Shield? I...

Anonymous 11/30/14(Sun)01:59:58 No. 51027350 Where could I watch or torrent Period 2 of Providers of Shield? http://boards.4chan.org/tv/thread/51027350#51027350